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Patricia Miller has heard the call of the Apukuna (mountain spirits) and her Pleiadian Star Heritage and has answered bringing their Wisdom here with compassion, joy & delight!

Pat Miller has trained in many different healing arts over the course of many years.  Her training has drawn her to dive into various healing traditions from the jungles, mountains and North Coastal areas of Peru.  She has heard and answered the call of the Apukuna (mountain spirits), the Machulakuna (ancestors), and her lineage through the Pleiads Star System.  She is a vehicle stepping into service to bring the healing ways of Peru and the medicines of the Earth here so all can share in them.  Through her training both in the United States and through journeys to Peru Pat seeks to create a unique community space to facilitate growth and healing.

She has reeived 5-D Lemurian Heart activations and sits as an earthly member of the Counsil of the Stars.  She channels the Cosmic Light Language, the frequencey of the Divine Heart, helping people to feel/open/remember the Divine Heart within themselves.

Pat's training also includes Massage Therapy, Reiki, Polarity, and Group Fitness including Zumba!  She has spent time in the study of nutritional healing as well as herbal medicine, and combines all of these varied bodies of knowledge to create a holistic approach to wellness deep in the energetic core of your being right out to the physical body.

“I'd like to share a little of my story with you.  Over the course of my life I found myself at odds with traditional religions and their path to finding spiritual fulfillment.  As a teenage girl, I was fascinated with witchcraft, ESP and occult studies.  I had no understanding at that time, there there was a much deeper energetic and Divine connection to the energies that "the Witches" connected to.

As I traveled on, through college I met someone who practiced in the traditions of Druidism.  Now I came to know that there were deep spiritual/energetic traditions that connected to the Divine energy, "the force" in all living things.  I learned that the "living things" were also the rocks and the stars, the Earth and the trees, the winds and the rains.  That there was a consciousness an energy in all things.

I first practiced as a student of Wicca and came to know Nature as my Church.  I still felt separate from it, having to "reach out" to connect to it.  As I grew and learned about different traditions I found that I radiated with the many Paths of the Shaman.  I read and studied about Native American thoughtTraditions, Celtic Traditions and Slavic Traditions.  In my wonderings I discovered the traditions of the Q'ero people of Peru and felt as though I returned home.  

The common thread that I learned in these studies was that there is NO separation and that we are indeed all part of one grand energetic tapestry.  What my conscious learning in the Peruvian traditions has taught me is how to step into the flow of the energetic, to read it, work with it and help others to see what perhaps they didn't see on their own.  To give people an opportunity to change the flow of the energetic through their lives and bring release, healing and transformation for themselves.  In this it serves not just one individual, it serves the whole community as the growth and change that we experience radiates out to touch many lives.

Since stepping into service I have encountered additional awakensings within and have been given activations to knowing/remembering my own Divinity.  As we all have this Divine Heart within it is what IS the ONENESS.  I look forward to meeting you in this DIVINE HEART!"  SONQO D' LEMURIA. (The Lemurian Heart).



Here is what others say about Pat Miller:

“Pat Miller has been a serious practitioner of Peruvian Shamanism for nearly a decade and a practitioner of healing arts for much longer.  Her knowledge, understanding, and compassion can not be measured.  This is a person I am proud to know.”  -Mace Gill

“In working with Pat I have been awed by her deep wisdom and compassion. She consistently supports my growth through her passion and groundedness.   Her gifts to the world are enormous.  She has been a wonderful blessing in my life.  Thank you very much Pat for all that you do to help humanity.”  Hugs, Meira Findel

“Pat is a talented healer who is deeply concerned with the well being of her clients.  Her kind and gentle manner puts her clients immediately at ease enabling them to ground and center themselves.  With a true passion for her vocation, Pat works with integrity, to help her clients restore natural balance in their lives.  It’s been my honor and privilege to work with Pat over the years.  She is truly a gifted and loving spirit.”  - Donna Juzva

"Amazing ...  she blew open my crown chakra (no other way of really explaining it) and moved the ball of energy I've been holding in my chest... there is more work needed ... but definitely there is movement.  Felt great yesterday evening...." Myrna.

“Dearest Pat.  This has been such a mystical & magical trip (to Peru) full of wonderful miracles.  I have really enjoyed going on this spiritual journey with you.  Peru is such a magnificent place and we had so many special moments & opportunities along the way.  All went as it should.  Thank you so much for this experience.  I will treasure it forever!

Love, Barbara xo”

Patricia--one messed up day a few years back in the beginning of my awakening --when I hadn't slept, eaten, or had a logical thought in days. I found my way to your little store there. You made me a cup of tea and we sat in rocking chairs.It was a beautiful sunny day.You did a card reading for me. Mostly, you just listened and were supportive and helped me to find answers without any thought of gain for yourself. Thank you for that day--I can't put into words exactly what you did for me, it is that deep and unexplainable..xo ~ BV


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