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Bring Transformation and Healing to your life through the energetic healing work of Peru. In these weekend intenstive workshops you will have the opportunity to:

Let go of past

Transform angers and fears

Find stillness and the sweetness of life

Learn to see from a Universal Perspective

And,  go deep within to create lasting change and healing through out your life.


PAQ’O WACHU: The awakening of the Shaman within & Divine Heart Activation.

Workshop Dates Coming Soon!  Contact me to put on the waiting list for our next workshop.

This 5 weekend series (spread over the course of approximately 1 year) is grounded in the Inca Tradition of the Andes. The literal translation of “Paq’o Wachu" is the awakening of the spiritual seed of the Shaman. You will dive deep within yourself through Shamanic Journey and Cosmic Light Language, creating transformational ceremony.  We work in the luminous (energetic) body to transform that which no longer serves you and clear yourself of Hucha (heavy energy) that you have accumulated through life. During these weekends you will receive the gifts of Andean Rites of Passage infused with Cosmic Light Language Activation, sewing the seeds of the Earth Shaman and the 5th Dimension Cosmic Heart.

Weekend One:  You journey deep to shed the past and transform your relationship with it so you can step forth into life from a clear clean place.  

Weekend Two:  You track angers, fears and deaths in your life bringing them into a place of balance. Knowing that while perhaps they once protected you they no longer need to hold you back from living with joy and delight.

Weekend Three:  You discover Stillness amid the chaos of life.  Through this stillness you see/transform the roles and beliefs in your life, given to you by both yourself and others.  And, through ceremony bring them to a place of authenticity, realsing those that no longer serve, or perhaps were never yours to begin with.  Here we learn to live in the joy that comes from this new found Authenticity.

Weekend Four:   You soar high above the tapestry that is your life, seeing from a higher perspecrtive, not just through your personal experiences, beliefs and events. You begin to know that what you do for yourself you also do for others as you step into service.

Weekend Five:  You take your place amoung the Council of Light as our ceremony takes us both deep within and up to the Stars.  You will bring the work of the previous 4 journeys to the center of your core and allow the transformations and growth to radiate out from the center not only into your own life,  into the lives of all.

Here is what others have said about Patricia Miller’s work: 

“In working with Pat I have been awed by her deep wisdom and compassion. She consistently supports my growth through her passion and groundedness.   Her gifts to the world are enormous.  She has been a wonderful blessing in my life.  Thank you very much Pat for all that you do to help humanity.”  Hugs, Meira Findel

“Pat is a talented healer who is deeply concerned with the well being of her clients.  Her kind and gentle manner puts her clients immediately at ease enabling them to ground and center themselves.  With a true passion for her vocation, Pat works with integrity, to help her clients restore natural balance in their lives.  It’s been my honor and privilege to work with Pat over the years.  She is truly a gifted and loving spirit.”  - Donna Juzva

“Pat Miller has been a serious practitioner of Peruvian Shamanism for nearly a decade and a practitioner of healing arts for much longer.  Her knowledge, understanding, and compassion can not be measured.  This is a person I am proud to know.”  -Mace Gill

Your investment for this workshop series is $265 per weekend**.

or SAVE $250 pay in full upfront:  $1075.

*Registration special does not apply to "paid in full" registrations.

Pre-registration with a $100 deposit is required.

Pricing includes lodging, food and all workshop activities.

Please click on the Chakana Symbol at the top for a printable registration form.

 Please contact Pat Miller for information or to register (908) 281-9222

 ** prices are subject to change at time based on costs at time of booking.




The Sacred Chakana (The Andean Wheel of Life)