Days of Sacred Ceremony


As spirit calls we will be scheduling days of ceremony through out the year.

If you have a group that would like to come together to create unity, change and balance contact Spirit Flight and we can schedule a private ceremony for your group.

Email us, to join the mailig list and we will let you know when, where & what is going on!

October 16, 2017:  Shamanic Drum/Sound & Light Language Journey 7:30 - 9:30pm.

Come together in community to raise energy, love & consciousness through the journey process. Through the sound vibrations of the drum, rattle and spoken Light Language we create and receive higher vibrational energies. The sound vibrations unite us and help us to transmute energies that no longer serve us into the highest vibrations for both personal and global healing/change.

Journey work has long been used to open consciousness and received guidance. Together we will co-create a container of life, light, love & compassion allowing us to create healing both in your own life and globally/universally. What we do for ourselves we do for all as well.

Please bring a drum, rattle or other instrument and a snack to share.

If you don't have a drum, we will have extra drums & rattles available.

Doors open at 7:30pm we will begin promptly at 7:45pm.

Location:  Spice of Life Yoga

160 Main St, Ste 5, Flemington, New Jersey 08822

Any questions please email me:
Or call: 908-281-9222




This ancient Q'ero ceremony calls to the mountains and the land with offerings and prayers.  Despacho can be created for many purposes.  Public offerings will be scheduled.  Private ceremony can be scheduled for groups of 4 or more.


This work is based in a Mohawk tradition that has been passed to the Shaman women of the Mohawk people and has been shared with other sacred women outside of the nation.  It calls to eight Sacred Grandmother Archetypes.  The women who take part in this ceremony will journey with the Grandmothers and receive their guidance, both for themselves and thier communities. 

This can be schedule for women only and is available to private groups of 4 or more.



The fire has been known to be sacred for time beyond time.  That which gives life but can also destroy.  She is the heart of passion, the soul of creation and the flame of change.  Offering up our prayers to the fire in a sacred is the "lightening way" to shift and change energy.

Fire will be scheduled as public ceremony and is also available for private groups of 4 or more people.

 INTI RYMI Close out the old year and open the new with a CELEBRATION OF AYNI (resiprosity)!

We offer our st INTI RYMI Close out the old year and open the new with a CELEBRATION OF AYNI (resiprosity)!rength to the Inti Tita (Father Sun) in reciprocity for all we have received in the year.

This bring balance (Ayni) and closure to the old year and bringing in the new with joy, light and delight.

Inti Rymi is a day of ceremony in which you have the opportunity to "settle accounts" in the passing year and bring in your New Year with openness, love and compassion.

The Q'ero people of Peru believe in the principle of Ayni.  "For me today, for you tomorrow."  They strive to live in the balance of give and take and to stay in "perfect relationship" with the world around them.  Through this day of ceremony you have the chance to bring Ayni to that which was out of balance in the old year and begin the new in clean,  clear ground that awaits the planting of your intent.





Journey work is done for many purposes, healing, guidance, change....  Our journey work is lead by drum and rattle and will work with the sacred energies of Peru, the Apukuna (mountain spirits), the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and more.  Public journey work with be scheduled and posted.  Private sessions with groups of 4 or more can be scheduled at your location.


This special evening of ceremony is a calling to the Machu Lakuna (the ancestors) of the Q'ero people, the Inca.  We ask them to be with us, accept our offerings and offer thier wisdom and guidance. In this beautiful evening we create an offering and call the Ancestors to join us through.  This is a very special ceremony.  Public ceremony will be scheduled and posted.  Private ceremony can be scheduled at your location for groups of 4 or more.